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President's Medal Winner

A message to faculty from the 2017 President's Medal recipient, Vanya Skipper

Sherry Greenbank

A message to faculty from Faculty Representative on the Board of Governors, Sherry Greenbank, as she ends her second and last term on the Board.
Full version (3:51)

Faculty Association Social

Following convocation on May 25th 2017, the NCFA Social Committee booked the Dockside Pub and Grill for food, beverages, and, as this video shows, karaoke. 

May 2017 Update

  • Bill 7 adoption means changes to NCFA bylaws
  • ACIFA President's Council meeting:
​            Budget shows NCFA will pay more fees
            GMU is leaving ACIFA
             ACIFA recruiting office staff and Labour Relations Director
  • ACIFA Conference wrapped up

April 2017 Update

    This update addresses the new bill tabled this month: Bill 7 - An Act to Enhance Post-Secondary Academic Bargaining. In 60 seconds, the reason for the Bill, an historical context, and implications of the Bill is presented.

March 2017 Update

  • ACIFA's Alberta government consultation documents
  • Casual Illness reporting
  • The NCFA PD Committee update
  • Thank you to 2 Faculty Reps and hello to 2 new Faculty Reps