New Faculty

Welcome New Faculty!

An orientation to your faculty association

Dear New Faculty Member,

On behalf of the NorQuest College Faculty Association (NCFA) Executive Committee, welcome. I hope you find your time at NorQuest College rewarding.

All faculty have their conditions of employment articulated in the Collective Agreement (CA). This document is a product of cooperation between the NCFA and the College’s Board of Governors and is mandated by the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta. It is extremely important you spend some time reviewing it, especially the “Classification and Pay” appendix beginning on page 31 to confirm your position on the salary grid.

There are many parts of the CA that may require the benefit of further explanation. The NCFA offers support from its Executive Committee members as well as providing workshops you can book to attend on the College’s Learning Registration Network (LRN).

The committee members invite you to contact them to help with your onboarding. If we cannot answer your questions immediately, we have the resources at hand to know where to find what you’re looking for.

Later the year, new faculty members will be invited to a meet and mingle and enjoy some light refreshments with the other members of the NCFA Executive Committee as well as a formal welcoming from the College’s Vice President Teaching & Learning, Norma Schneider.

Each year in October, the Association will have its Annual General Meeting where the business of your Association is reviewed as well as a great opportunity to meet your colleagues over drinks and a great supper.

I wish you the very best of luck with your new appointment, and encourage you to be a contributing part of the NorQuest College community.    


Leslie Sayer
NCFA President

The purpose of the NCFA is to
  • support the mission and mandate of the College to inspire lifelong learning and the achievement of career goals by offering relevant and accessible education
  • act as the representative of members of the NCFA in the negotiation, monitoring, and enforcement of the terms and conditions as specified in the Collective Agreement
  • foster academic and social community among members of the Association
  • protect the independence and freedom of academic thought, teaching, and to advance the professional development of its members
  • promote the interests and general welfare of its members
  • promote the joint interests and welfare of the Faculty Association of the provincial colleges and institutes through the Alberta College-Institutes Faculties Association
  • deal with any other matters considered by the Executive Committee to be in the interests of the Association or its members
The purpose of the Collective Agreement (CA) is to provide a framework of employment conditions supporting the attainment of these goals in the context of a cooperative work environment and through effective use of resourses provided to meet students' needs.
The NorQuest College Faculty Association, (NCFA) was established by Order in Council 185/97 on May 14th, 1997 as the Alberta Vocational College Faculty Association. The change of name to NorQuest College Faculty Association occurred by Order of Council 330/99 on August 25th, 1999. The NCFA was a statutory corporation established under the Colleges Act. In 2003, the Colleges Act was replaced by the Post Secondary Learning Act and the Faculty Association’s powers and duties were described in sections 85-87 of the Act.  In 2017, sections 87-89 were repealed and the Labour Relations Code augmented to include Division 9.1 Post-Secondary Academic Bargaining sections 58.1-58.7.