Executive Committee - Officers

  1. Leslie Sayer - President
    I am the Associate Chair for Academic Upgrading and have been at NorQuest for 15 years. Before becoming President, I had previously served on the Executive Committee as VP Communications) and later as VP Faculty Welfare.
  2. Linda Black - VP Prof Affairs
    I am currently a faculty member in the Early Learning and Child Care Health and Community Studies.
  3. Alex Caldararu - VP Welfare
    I am a full-time Instructor in the Community Support Worker program. I am married with one son, a beloved pet cat, and can usually be found enjoying the company of family and friends when not rocking out behind a drum kit!
  4. Sheryl Boisvert - VP Finance
    I have been an instructor at NorQuest for the last 15 years. I am currently taking my last course in order to become a certified accountant.
  5. Kim Chaba - Armstrong - VP Communications
    I have been teaching at NorQuest for 10 years in the LINC program. I have taught all levels of English. This is the second time I have joined the Faculty Association and look forward to representing my area.
  6. Lisa Saxby - VP Negotiations
    This is my second term in this position. I am the Associate Chair of Careers (Business Programs) and I continue to also teach in our various business programs.

Executive Committee - Members

  1. Immediate Past President
  2. Tracy Topolnitsky - Board Rep
    I’m the Chair of Academic Upgrading.
  3. Susan Otto - Faculty Rep
    I am an instructor in the Social Work and Community Support Worker programs. I returned to post-secondary teaching after a number of years with Alberta Health Services as a Child and Family Therapist.
  4. Leah Townsend - Faculty Rep
    I am an instruction librarian and have been at NorQuest College since 2011. Before becoming a librarian I was a high school social studies teacher. I enjoy gardening, camping, and generally being outdoors.
  5. Joan Wall - Faculty Rep
    I work as a Faculty Developer in the College Learning and Teaching Department (CLTD). Over the past 20 years, I have instructed in Academic Upgrading, University Transfer, and Early Childhood Education.
  6. Upinder Singh - Faculty Rep
    I am currently the Learning Group Lead for the Practical Nurse Online program and have been at NorQuest College since 2011. When I am not working or studying, I enjoy travelling, reading and relaxing in my backyard.
  7. Brooklin Schneider - Faculty Rep
    I am an English instructor in the University Transfer Department. In my free time, my lovable English bulldog and I volunteer at the Glenrose and other AHS sites around Edmonton. We are certified through the St John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

Administrative Assistant

  1. Sarah James
    I am an Instructor in Allied Health in the Therapeutic Recreation Diploma Program.
The Executive Committee of the NCFA consists of the Executive Officers and Executive Members as defined in Section 4.2 of the NCFA bylaws.

The Committee acts as the liaison body regarding all buisness between the NCFA and the College's Executive Office, Board of Governors, and the public, as well as other organizations and institutions.

The Committee meets monthly and established the agenda for any assemblies of the membership, including the Annual General Meeting.

At the AGM, or any at any other time as required, the Committee holds by-selections to fill vacancies in NCFA Officers and/or Members.

 The Executive Committee is responsible for liaising with the NCFA membership and the Alberta Colleges and Institutes Faculties Association (ACIFA) in all matters of mutual concern.    
The Executive Officers comprise:
- President
- Vice President Professional Affairs
- Vice President Faculty Welfare
- Vice President Finance
- Vice President Communications
- Vice President Negotiations

Executive Members comprise:
- Faculty Representatives
and Ex Officio and/or non-voting members:
- Immediate Past President
- Faculty Board Representative

Every attempt is made to evenly distribute representation from all faculties between all members of the Committee. The number of Faculty Representatives may be adjusted to reflect even representation.
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